Thursday, November 20, 2008

In memory of Gion Project (The Winners)

dear friends,Sammy Biddle sent us the winners of the Sayonara Gion Project Photo Contest

As you know, we run this competition because the amazing Gion sim is going to close the doors to visitors and together with Sammy Biddle and the entire Gion Project Manager Staff we wanter to create an album of Gion Memories

Anyway, don't want steal your time.....
According the jury, the winner of the Sayonara Gion Contest is:

Rhysackmann with the amazing photo Gion Balance

As rightly said by Sammy Biddle: No one has depicted the five-storied pagoda better than rhys. Thank you very much for sharing this Rhys!

Beside the excellent winner, there are other awesome works that caught
the eyes of the Gion jury. Following are these cool Runners-up

Carlotta Ceawlin with the amazing gion

Hearth with the amazing red_b

with the gorgeous gion20a_1024

Koinup Staff and Sammy Biddle have to thank you all for entering the Sayonara Gion Photo Contest. Sammy Biddle wrote us in the email: "with a number of brilliant and impressive pictures, I'm glad that I can share the memories of the Gion Project with each of you. Thank you again and see you someday, somewhere!"

The winner is invited to contact inworld Sammy Biddles for claiming the prize!

I wanna also direct your attention to the community most beloved entries:

Gion Memories by the excellent Nedeko

The Moment by the skilled and awesome BBeau

Reflections by the awesome photographer Icarus Robbiani


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