Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Koinup Newsletter. What you will read in the 11th letter

We have just delivered the 11th Koinup Newsletter. This month, you will read about the following topic:

The Koinup Exploration Tool!
If you didn't grab yet a copy (for free at XStreetSL), well probably you will appreciate a reminder. The Koinup Exploration HUD is a free tool that you can wear in Second Life and it will help you to discover new places and connect your avatar to your Koinup Account. Get more infos

The Coolest Avatars of the Month
This is for new members of Koinup. If you wanna some help or would love you to meet the coolest people here around, the best you can do is adding these coolest people/avatars to your friends

The Koinup Interviews
If you are following this blog, you probably know about the Koinup Interviews. Each week, we use to interview some Koinup artists, or active members or Metaverse explorers and we try to look into their creativity. Read the series here

Groups Announcement
We wouldn't be able to wait long before sayng that. In a couple of weeks (more or less) Koinup members will have the chance to create groups, run their own contests, open threads and forums on Koinup.
It is the biggest upgrade, since the launch of the website. Once groups will be available, Koinup will be more funny, more involving, more interesting for all of you. Stay tuned!!!!

Update: We just launched the Second Life Twelfth Contest
More info


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