Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bringing live music in the Opensim. Rocking the Metaverse 2nd show!

Yestarday was a great day for the Metaverse development. Rocking the Metaverse made its day in the OpenSim (Reaction Grid). Doubledown Tandino, Slim Warrior and Dizzy Banjo performed in a great way and we in the audience had the chance to listen to amazing live music in the Opensim sceneries of the Reaction Grid.

Apart some minor issues, everything was fine. Opensim proved to be a good platform for live music. Sure, there are some issues to improve as the avatar capability for sim and others. But the line is drawn. Below you can find a series of footages captures during the show.

Reminder: next week Rocking the Metaverse will move to Metaplace

Rocking the Metaverse Dizzy Ba...

Rocking the Metaverse At the R...


Wildstar Beaumont said...

it was a nice place and wonderful music.
A pity it logged me out a bit too often :)
After the last logout I realized I could keep listening to the stream so I stayed in that state until bed time :)

Great initiative, anyway !

Dizzy Banjo said...

It was a great gig..
I'm really happy to be part of the tour !

Pier said...

Thanks guys! Opensims have a great potential for music, there are only a few issues to fix..but the perspective are really great.....we're looking forward to launch other initiatives for the promotion of music in the Opensim....

A bit out of topics, but not so much: Next Stop of the Rocking the Metaverse is at the Metaplace!

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