Monday, June 22, 2009

The winners of the Avatar Pics Competition.

Gladly, its the time to announce the winners of the Avatar Pics Competition. As you probably know, the Avatar Pics Competition is the 1st crossworld avatar art contest, open to all virtual worlds and avatars. It has been a fantastic contest for Koinup, because we had the chance to collect in a single room art pieces from all the virtual worlds. In the pool you can find, artworks created in Second Life, IMVU, World of Warcraft, Frenzoo and many other worlds.

alien glow

You can view the winners, here. There are some awesome works picked as a special mentions, too. Look, here!

Winning works gains the chance to be displayed at the Koinup Art Gallery built for the Second Life 6th Birthday.

Koinup is exhibitor at the SL6B and the contest has been arranged in order to involve our amazing community with the SL6B events!

Along with all the participants of the contest, which joined the competition, I'd love to thank you the judges that spend their time surveying and judging all the entries: Mario Gerosa, Hamlet Au and the Museo del Metaverso staff

Image by MillaMilla Noel


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