Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photo Session. Review of your works

This week, Zephyru Zapedzki will offer you a mentor review. Join us today, Thursday 16th of July at 11.00am SLT in the Orange Island Photo Gallery and get your work appraised by a color specialist.

Zeph is a painter in RL and deeply passionated about colors theory. This is the final session about our intense colours class. You are pleased to come and ask him to give a friendly review of your use of colours in your work.

In order to practise what we learnt, last Thursday, Zeph asked us to prepare some works related to the main aspects of using colors:

* Color combinations : you can use Color Scheme to play with the color combinations. Look at these posts if you need a refresher: first session transcript and second transcript
* World environment editor: for that, you’d be better put your graphic preferences to High. Please look at the transcript.
* Prim lights: please look at the transcript.
* Post-processing with

Photo Sessions members are asked to send their work inworld to Natty Foggarty or Zephyry Zapedzki in copy mode. A selection will then be exhibited on the Orange Island Photo Gallery.

Zephyru Zapedzki at work - Nat...

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