Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Best of the Worst. The hilarious contest to show your skills as worst photographer in Second Life

Crystalship Rehula got a funny idea to engage the Koinup community. She created a group called The Worst Pictures in Second Life and now she's turning it in a super-funny contest.

The Worst pictures in Second Life contest is not about violence or explicit contents, don't get confused with the title. This contest is about having fun, while sharing also the shots that didn't come in the best way or photos that convey hilarious contents or ideas....


The submission time is going to start on tomorrow, 11th of september. So, start to browse on your HD, and see if you come with some shots that you didn't want to publish because now they can get their own 5 minutes of fame.


Good luck!

photo above by france3d


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry I screwed up everything...

So to make it clear now, there's a special group for the contest HERE:

And the regular group will be THERE: so people can post the pictures I deleted again.

Thank you for your understanding!

pictures contest said...

Lovely and interesting approach to give people a bit of satisfaction. I think I can win these contest if i have been given a chance.

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