Saturday, September 26, 2009

Koinup meet the artist. The quintessence of Second Life photography, by Bark!

Known in Second Life as Bark Aabye, Bark is one of the most delicious Second Life photographers. She owns a blog called the Quintessence. Indeed, "quintessence" is a "term" simply perfect to describe the style and the production of Bark.

Described by Shoji, (who has been recently interviewed on this blog), as Second Life mentor and unique artist, Bark is one of the most profilic SL artists on Koinup and her gallery is one of the most appreciated and popular on the website. We invite all the reader to enjoy the adorable gallery of Bark


Here's the Interview

Q. When you're creating new artworks, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?
A. Well, first of all, I need to tell you my opinion on the difference between "photographs" and the other art.
Recently I often have chances to see that some work organized by image
generation and processing of CG is discussed on the same ground as the field of "photographs". I have some doubts about that discussion, watching artwork of CG is my favorite though. In my opinion these are absolutely different.

I consider snapshots in SL to be just similar to "photographs" in RL. However in a virtual world I can interact with many people through avatars, see prims, visit sims and take all the snapshots as if it were a "a once-in-a-lifetime chance". When taking "photographs", there is no chance to try again, "ichi-go ichi-e" as the Japanese proverb goes.

I think "photographs" surpass expressions through words in catching contingencies.
I have been working as photographer using a film-based (analogue) camera over ten years in RL and will go on taking snapshots in SL from now on. Because only we have a precious gift from "God" for catching and stopping a gleam of light in photo-form.
Though I sometimes set up a theme to exhibit my work in a gallery, I usually take just what I want to. I am always searching for a cool shot: Naxos Loon and Koinup suggest me terrific LMs or NPIRL and others show me awesome blogs.

Q. What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with Second Life art and photography?

A. Let me think, snapshots in-world have just started. The only thing I can say is the factor “time” is indispensable to cool photos. I experienced old plain photos became stunning unexpectedly. I often felt warmhearted to find the snapshots in my old folder before using Windlight.

If I advise, the best way to take radiant snapshots is taking as many snapshots as you can. Try to avoid retouching. Retouching prevents you from developing the skills of taking "photographs". Don’t intend to get your snapshots stylish, this way you will miss the essence of the "Subject".

What is more we will recognize our peculiarity when we take many shots. Shall we keep it or throw away? I always struggle to do that.

RMB City02 for RMB City Photo ...

Q. What tools and photo-devices, software do you use to edit your photos?

A. I use “Photoshop” and “Picnic”. I choose between the two. Snapshots become monochrome or pictures in frames, or look prints from negatives.

Q. What are your upcoming projects as metaverse artist?

A. I am working as a coordinator in the sim “Imagine plus”, which has just opened. Of course my gallery is there too. Besides I spend a lot of time taking snapshots.
Because there are so many galleries in SL, I pick up on my favorite ones and write an article in Japanese on my blog.


Q. Have you ever used other virtual worlds to create and express your creativity?

A. No, SL is my first experience. I didn’t imagine how I devoted myself to it. Now I am interested in avatars in “The SIMS” and
the texture of water, limber avatars in “BlueMars”. I have wanted to get a viewer which can expose or blur avatars’ motion in a long time exposure.

Q. What's artist you'd love recommended for the next Koinup interview?

A. I will recommend Ravenelle but I have never seen her yet. She is one of my favorite "photographers" in SL and a voracious artist without using retouching.

translated by Koro Carnell


bark Aabye said...

Thank you very much!!
Im hornored and happy~
Giraff's pic is my old favorite~~^^
Let's enjoy snapshots and Koinup,
and record this age as photograpfs!!
Poid-san~thank you~^^

carton bristol said...

sorry Bark, i cannot make all your pics as favorite :p a different view of sl you have and you give to people

bark Aabye said...

I am so~~happy!!
Your word make me cry!!^^
Thank you soooOOOO much^^
I cant find words....tears!!

ok lets go gorilla tour~~lol

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