Thursday, November 12, 2009

Style Across the Worlds

Hiya. I’m Harper Beresford. Welcome to my world—the world of avatars and avatar apparel and enhancement. It’s called “fashion” in common parlance, but it’s more than what an avatar wears. It’s about how a person represents herself in these worlds and the artists who make those enhancements.

In this case, the person is me, so you are subject to my whims and tastes. However, my choices range across a broad swath. I like anything imaginative, artistic, elegant, fun, well-crafted, and/or evocative.

I will be exploring the worlds of Second Life, Frenzoo and IMVU. You will probably see more of Second Life here as I am an established resident there, and frankly, the tools for wearing, exploring, capturing images of, and making fashion seem a lot easier. That doesn’t mean IMVU and Frenzoo don’t have a lot going on and coming up. IMVU has a very lively avatar enhancement scene. Frenzoo puts a big focus on fashion. Let’s see what they have!

In fact, I wandered over to IMVU and made myself up. Here is HarperB from IMVU:

And at Frenzoo, you will find HarperB like this:

And here is Harper on a typical day in Second Life (typical being ironic because I change up a lot):

I was asked by Piers to contribute to the Koinup blog, focusing on fashion, and I am very flattered to be included among such great folks as Poid Mahovlich, Phaylen Fairchild, Soror Nishi, Grace McDunnough, and Fiona Haworth. I look forward to being among such august company.


Syleisha Udein said...

I really enjoyed that article picked it up on a link from facebook am an sl model and would love to know more about what you do to enhance avatar appearance.

Harper Beresford said...

Thanks, Syleisha. You can also read my regular daily blog at In this blog at Koinup, I will be looking more at what the trends are in the three worlds.

And thanks for the welcome, Piers :)

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