Saturday, December 5, 2009

ColeMarie Soleil

I would quite like to be a great photographer;
and it would be nice to have a beautiful voice;
a talent for song writing would be pretty cool;
if, on top of all that I could make excellent machinima I would have to change my name because I would be ColeMarie Soleil.

Oh, yes, she makes great clothes and magnificent dance particles as well... hmmm...probably forgot something...

No one hurts me better than you

ColeMarie, known as RockerFaerie on Koinup, is one of those artists who don’t get a lot of press attention, and many may not know her work, my second artist portrait of this series
I sat down in her office...
.....had a chat with her......
and thought you might like to eavesdrop a bit .....

I would have pulled down the moon for you if only you’d asked me to

soror Nishi: " you think you were born with an artistic talent or do you think its something people build along the way?"

ColeMarie Soleil: "I'm not really sure how to answer that question.

I think that I just have an extreme desire to express how I feel.

Attended art schools since I was five years old. Ever since I was a little girl I'd been singing, painting, drawing, writing stories.
I don't think it so much is talent. I think that l have just seen a lot of different things, positive and negative. In order to recycle my feelings when they overwhelm me I take them and pour them into being creative. Whether it is playing a musical instrument, singing, sculpting (etc.)

I have always felt things in extreme volumes so to speak. I think that Second Life was just a natural creative progression. As I got older my interests moved towards digital media.
When I found SL I found a way to really express the fantasy side of my little world in my head more easily. Here in Second Life, it is easy to express things that you can not pull off so easily in real life. Faeries just make me really happy. That is why I came here."

I just want to sleep

soror Nishi: "How did you find out about SL?"

ColeMarie Soleil: “I am a huge net geek. There are all sorts of gaming websites and technology sites that I like to keep up on just because that has always been something I love. There once was an article on Second Life in the Read up on SL and immediately went: "OH! I want to make faeries!" and that was that”

Suspended animation

And now Colemarie is focussing her talents on machinima (clients are queueing at the virtual door) so I had to ask....

soror Nishi: “so....what is it about machinima you like so much?”

ColeMarie Soleil: “Machinima is very important to me.

The problem with SL is that so transient. Everything fades. Nothing is permanent. Everyone who has been here a decent amount of time has seen things they love go. To me, I wanted to document SL in a more permanent way. Sharing SL with people who might not have the chance to visit or have never played it, to me, was exciting.

When people who do not know what Second Life is see my videos and send me emails about how they enjoy visiting my little world though they don't understand what is going on? That makes me really happy. Recording and documenting what goes on here is important. I think more people should do it. I'd be happy to explain it to anyone who has questions. All they would have to do is IM me.

Of finding light, even in the dark

I think it is important to share different outlooks on life, both digital and non-digital. (I won't say real because that is a matter of opinion) As I learned more about video and what a service it can provide, I eventually just this last week have opened up my Machinima Office in Flotsam Beach. I was surprised at the amount of people interested in the service so quickly.

I am excited and look forward to doing what I love and getting paid to do it. I can't help it. I have a passion about filming. I think as a musician first and foremost, that video was just a natural progression. It is the blending of my graphics eye and my attention to detail in sound. The style I have I think shows that my passion lies in music and the video is an after-result :)”

soror Nishi: “ I'm sitting in your office admiring the furniture..:)) [all made by Bryn] you have spent a lot of time working with Bryn recently, she's obviously a great talent, what is it that draws you to her work especially?”

ColeMarie Soleil: “I have been tired of a lot of art in SL for a while now. I would see something that was beautiful and then I would ask the artist.... "What is the story behind this?" only to very often be let down when they reply "I wanted to make something beautiful." I just needed more than that.

As I got to know Bryn as a person I realized that we both essentially in our lives want the same thing. I think that is why I have dedicated so much of my time to documenting what she does. She is very important to me is all. I care about her a lot.

Bryn is unique. There is no one like Bryn. Her whole SL way interests me greatly. Bryn says often: "I only exist on the internet". Her whole idea with Bryn Oh the SL artist is to one day have Bryn Oh artwork in real life galleries as physical things you can go be involved in and visit. She would do this under her SL name as Bryn Oh without having any ties to her RL self. She is fond of the idea that perhaps one day people can go visit her real life art from Bryn Oh and people finding out that Bryn Oh only exists in the virtual world.

It is a unique take on art in SL and I admire her for it. It is not easy to remain anonymous here. It is hard on friendships, personal relationships, and artistic relationships. So, I think Bryn is an amazingly strong person for it.

What draws me to her work is the magic. Everything there has narratives, little stories. The sim, while desolate and lonely, has this air of hope and wonderment. She pours her heart into everything that she does.”

....and so does ColeMarie, so that friendship is not a difficult one to understand.

Life can be quite hard and transition and growth often entail shedding old skins and, raw and tender, meeting what is throw at us without the protection we need. ColeMarie's work reflects that journeying we all do and this is what gives it it's appeal and depth.

ColeMarie, like a lot of sensitive souls, has had a bumpy ride both in SL and outside so it was nice to feel that, although a long way from perfect harmony (gods forbid!!) she has people who care and support her, and she does more than her fair share of supporting too....

ColeMarie has an extensive library of her work here, at Koinup, and you could do far worse with your time than rifle through her photos and machinima enjoying her work.

This one is my particular favourite .. My Friends are Robots

...and here's a another machinima if you want more... Sad Robot..




Anonymous said...


It's about time someone spoke to the incredible work of Cole!!!
All that she produces is Divine!!!
(while perhaps not the most well-known of her work, to me perhaps the most exquisite in all of SL--the clothing that she makes!!!!)

What a wonderful trio: Cole, Soror, Bryn!!!


I love all of you
and I love all that all of you create

Geniuses. . .

Best of Good Luck Cole with your new venture!!!
With an office that looks like that, and you at the desk. . .we all await miracles!!!


Anonymous said...

Great post Soror. Cole is one of my favorite artists in second life and her latest machinima sad robot was just awesome. You rock Coma!

spyvspyaeon said...

Yay, great review, indeed, Cole it is a great artist, I just love all that she does, :D guessing that every thing she touches become magic :).

thnks soro

sororNishi said...

Yes, truely an influencial artist who quietly builds a huge body of work without lots of trumpeting about herself. I hope to bring you more of the same in the coming weeks, people who should be better known...:))

Mab MacMoragh said...

yay! i believe in faeries (as queen mab would have to do) colemarie rocks my sl world.... :))

Pier said...

@soror I think this short paragraph of you explain in a few words what exactly ColeMarie is doing with art in SL:

"Yes, truely an influencial artist who quietly builds a huge body of work without lots of trumpeting about herself"

Congrats both for the piece and for the amazing videos featured in the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a lovely piece about Cole, or RockerFaerie as I think of her because I have followed her on Koinup. The soul of her work inspires me. Her artistry with machinima made me want to try it myself. She has the most important things a unique voice and a passion to just be creative.

Nova Dyszel

Zarabella said...

Colie is not only a great artist, but she is a deep, brilliant, sensitive human being who is one of my favorite people ever. <3

Anonymous said...

ColeMarie is someone I have admired from afar in Second Life..I find her work amazing

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