Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winning photos of the Virtual wallpaper Contest

The Virtual Wallpaper Contest has been a fantastic hit. With almost 200 participants, and hundreds of fantastic works, it showed the virtual worlds are a sort of mature tool for creating amazing wallpapers and screensaver! Following are the winning photos.

If you wanna read the full announcements and also discover the other special mention, go here

Lotus in Tempura Island by Rudyn Carter
Lotus in Tempura Island (5)

the judges say: The use of purple and the simple composition impressed me very much

Solemn by Panteleimon Aeon

the judges say: Everyone can tell it’s Pan’s work…filled with stillness and soothing solitude

Zero Style by Kasa Voom
Zero Style

the judge say: The contrast, colors and composition make it ideal for a wallpaper


shoji said...

Congratulations! I'm sure hundreds (or thousands) of people around the world will use these photos as a desktop wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post!

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