Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Koinup's Cream of the Crop - Winter Fell Photo Contest

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it's that wonderful time of year again....winter. This week on Koinup's Cream of the Crop I want to announce a newly create group that is having a wonderful winter contest - Winter Fell Photo Contest.

Winter Fell Photo Contest Rules

In order to take part in the competition you will need to do the following:

- Join the Winter Fell Photo Contest Group on Koinup.

- Visit Winterfell between December 1st and December 31st and take photos of things you find that are related to the Winter and Holiday Season

- Add your images to the pool, limit three per person.

- Each image's name must include the sim name where it was taken.

Winterfell_Amaranthine by Fiona Haworth Photo by: Fiona_Haworth

Sims available for photos: Winterfell, Winterfell Sanctuary, Winterfell Reverie, Winterfell Ebonshire, Winterfell Absinthe, Winterfell Laudanum, Winterfell Amaranthine, Winterfell Anodyne, Winterfell Libris, Winterfell Harbor, Winterfell Aislinn, Winterfell Illyria, Winterfell Storisende, and Winterfell Eventide.

Winterfell_Amaranthine2 by Fiona HaworthPhoto by: Fiona_Haworth

The judges (Klaus Wulfenbach, Saffia Widdershins, Serra Anansi, and Uni Ninetails) will review the collection of images between Jan 1st and Jan 2nd. Winners will be announced on January 3rd at the January Winterfell Campfire Chat 6:30SLT at the Winterfell Library. Prizes are as follows: 1st place - L$5000, 2nd place - L$3000, and 3rd place - L$2000. In addition to the prize money, winners will be announced on the Winterfell NING, Primgraph blog and Koinup blog.

Please note that any unseemly images will be removed from the contest at any time with out warning as deemed appropriate by the judges. And as always....please contact me in regards to your group's activities, I would love to help you promote.

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Game of Thrones said...

Not bad, but I think we've got better ones of Winterfell as part of the Westeros world we're building.

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