Saturday, December 19, 2009


Now, it's very easy to miss stuff because you are in the wrong time zone, and while there are few Europeans who won't have heard of Pirats I thought I would give a very quick intro to this french-based artists' group.

They have an amazing range of work on show and have openings of new work, often twice a week.

This piece by Gleman Jun at the Garden Art Gallery called Guggenheim Torus.

They are, in their own words... "a French nonprofits organization which aims at the development, promotion, development of the arts, artists and craftsmen of the aesthetic graphic, audio, visual, cultural, and philosophical by digital media."

"Skylark" by Chrome Underwood at the White Velvet Gallery

"Established primarily in Second Life, Pirats manages an entire area dedicated to the creation, graphic arts, photography, music, sculpture, exhibitions, and an art gallery of 4 000 m². This flexible space allows adjusting to the specific needs of each event. On the other hand, Pirats manages two independent galleries and it exhibited creators in two partner’s galleries."

and they do it very well..

Hermes Kondor at Manufacture Gallery, " Flower 003"

Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond are the driving force and brains behind the foundation of Pirats, with curator and administrator MathieuL Bravin, with Loup Erin being in charge of music. Probably many others help behind the scenes, (apologies to anyone I've not mentioned) as this is a major exhibition initiative..

They run shows at:

Omega Art Gallery

Garden Art Gallery

Galerie La Manufacture

While their partner minijean Dodonpa does

Bourbon White Velvet Gallery

...and the

SAS Bunker Art Gallery and

SAS3D are both represented by etoile16 Food

(let's hope I got all that right......)

"Eagle Lands" by Trill Zapatero at the manufacture gallery.

Although most of the images I picked out today are of 2D art, Pirats has a large selection of 3D art on display in continually changing shows too.

The spaces outside and around are well used, as is the space above the sims, currently showing "The Museum of Hyperformalism".

Fuschia Nightfire, "Devine Recline" at The Bunker

It's a very friendly group of people quite culturally mixed who are far in advance of many of us, producing notecards and bios in 4 different languages, something we should all learn to do really.

All the shows are well documented and recorded, and those interested would be well advised to join them inworld, Facebook or

Their website is here

...and...most importantly the Slurl.......go visit.

In other news.....

Jedda Zenovka's entry at UWA

The University of Western Australia is offering a 1st prize of 35,000L$ for its Machinima I am growing to love the Australians they seem to support the arts better than LL.

.....full details here or on my blog.

They already have more than 40 entries for the December arts competition, Jedda's, above, a lovely piece by Miso...etc. etc.. worth popping over to see them all. I have written of the UWA before in these

Well, I should really rant and rave against the latest Linden Ghetto, namely their new "little boxes" scheme to provide slum dwellings for new residents, the total destruction of any hope for new architecture etc, but I am so negative about it while others are singing its praises, so I'll spare you, Dear Reader, temporarily.......



SaveMe Oh said...


How good you wrote after your article about me this lovely review on the hard working people of the PIRATS community. They are really the best what SL has to offer in their always open, welcoming and heartwarming surroundings. The day that they unban me we should go there together to offer our warm kisses to this great people behind PIRATS. Or did they force you with a gun on your head to write this?? Ofcourse not, how could this cross my mind? I must be completely crazy.
So, lets's say: "happy christmas and a great 2010 to all lovely Pirats".

sororNishi said...

Always important to keep a healthy balance in life I think. :)))

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