Saturday, January 16, 2010

Betty Tureaud and Juliet3d Quiznet.

Well, it's always a nice surprise to find yourself at a good party, and last night I was taken to see a great show, with great music, so I was chuffed. (pleased).

Aliz tped me into an installation by Betty Tureaud at the Nomanisan Straits Art Gallery.

Betty's project is called "The Dead Art Planet".. of which she says...
"You are coming to a lonely abandoned planet, devoid of life. Here you can interact with the Sphere and decide how you want to dispaly and rezz the artists work on the planet surface. One click, a simple display; more clicks and the art patterns become more complex...
It's up to the visitors to choose."

Betty is a Danish artist who keeps her SL art and her RL art completely separate which I kinda like, they are totally different media and deserve a separate treatment.

Now, I have my reservations about clicking on stuff and it changing colour, but this was not an "interactive" piece which you bore of easily, it is an interactive environment and that, to me is a totally different ball-game.

There were plenty of people playing around with the art in ways you can't in normal RL (and a lot of SL) galleries..... this was fooling about, and I liked it.

"LIve music by the talented woman, composer and poet: Ultraviolet"......yes, really... as usual I was too busy dancing to do any serious research but I hope someone will take the time to post Ultraviolet's whole name in the comments... the music was as brilliant as the art was colourful.

I'd certainly recommend popping along, and, if you go with friends, have a dance.....why aren't all nightclubs like this, and why on earth build totally boring stereotyped nightclubs in SL anyway ?? Don't get me started on architecture...... Betty's piece has more to do with SL architecture than 99% of the buildings I see.

Now, totally different.... Juliet3d Quiznet is one of many artists who closely link their RL and SL art. She is based in Florida and uses all sorts of paint and techniques.

I particularly liked this piece "Rhinofish" which I saw at Instuto Espanol, the SLurl will take you directly to the second floor as otherwise you'll get as lost as I did in one of the worst piece's of architecture room for rant here......
Juliet has also started her own

Otherwise, this weekend, well, Sunday actually, sees the opening of the Steaming Hot show at Erato, Sabrinaa Nightfire's art sim...
"The opening is Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 1pm SLT. Musical entertainment will be provided by thte amazing MommaLuv Skytower."

Participating Artists Include:

Bryn Oh
Zhora Maynard
Gleman Jun
Dekka Raymaker
Blue Tsuki
Stardove Spirit
Penumbra Carter
Stardove Spirit
Scottius Polke
Miso Susanowa
Abel Moonites
Fuschia Nightfire
Doctor Obolensky
soror Nishi
Wizard Gynoid
Cogito Ultsch
Canolli Capalini

....quite a bunch of 'em....

....and..... Machinima makers.....this is your last chance to enter the UWA competition. Details here.... it's not often you get prize money of L$60,000 offered, it's normally peanuts.....

...have a great weekend peeps....



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