Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year, new stuff.

Well, the New Year brings with it new things to see, obviously, and some new people, or rather, people who are new to me. They may have been around for a while and slipped under the radar, but, whatever, they are artists who's work I will be keeping an eye out for in the coming year(s).

This smartly dressed person is Scottius Polke, whose piece, Vector Beehive I enjoyed a lot at UWA's December show/competition. It is pictured below.

His next piece, (along with your humble blogger) is at Erato, "Steaming Hot", a show organised by Sabrinaa Nightfire, of mostly steam punk related pieces is at 1pm. Sunday 17th January...that's next Sunday...not tomorrow........(here)
Scottius has one of the most amusing pieces (I am easily amused, it's true) at this show, so make a note in your diary.

FreeWee Ling is not really a new artist she has shown a lot in SL, I think, but this piece I fell in love with. Also pictured at UWA it is called Sin On Wheels Diorama, and, I guess I have always wanted to be trailer park trash and must have aspirations below my station in life. Great Fun. I am very bored with the pieces of art that you click on and nothing much happens, also when people say that their art interacts with the viewer. This REALLY does, you become the person in the piece, that's real interaction.

This piece is hugely long, and unfortunately this poor photo doesn't do it justice. I don't know Sistagrlro Wei and her work, but I would recommend you get over to UWA, simply to see this piece, "Black Soil Plains Running Through My Veins."

RAG Randt is an experienced artist and has shown a lot in SL as well, but I liked this work enough to show you. It's called Autumn 2009 and the elephant moves a bit. It is the colours and shapes I liked most tho....nothing drastic, just nicely put together.... and I like the trees...

Penelope Parx I don't know. This piece "Writing....1." would be just as good in RL as SL. It has a very classic air of contemporary sculpture and I thought it very well made, composed and textured. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of her pieces.

Fuschia Nightfire is showing her RL sketch books and some rather amusing poses and is another new face who is starting to produce work in SL.

...and...another piece by FreeWee Ling, I have, at last, become a cover girl....:)) Me is Mystic Meg...hehehehe...I love it when art is a bit of a laugh too, the galleries of RL would be a lot busier if artists were encouraged to bring some humour into their art.

Unfortunately it seems that if you are not very serious, then you aren't a serious artist.

My experience is that Europe is actually the worst place for this "gravitas".... lighten up folks .... it should be play, if you don't play, you don't enjoy. If you don't enjoy, then why on earth are you doing it?? (and why subject us to your stressed out psyche??)

There's enough bad pieces out there to make you cry ...... so have a giggle.



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