Wednesday, January 20, 2010

REALITY BREAKDOWN Episode 1: "Virtual Fightworlds"

Virtual people, this is about Fightworlds,
Fighting is gameworld's path to existence, it's religion for most of us.
In virtual gameworlds you do not have to be right or wrong, you simply fight to be.
Your creator never die as you, avatars, always rise, so does your adversary:
it dies and rises with you following a binary resurrection cyle.
Some say fighting is a form of art. I suggest virtual fighing is a form of communication.

Offworld inhabitants from the real sphere have many legends about fightng.
The most significant is about a hero called Bruce Lee:

in this epic, he walks the path engaging
several adversaries, from the weak gangsters to the giant sit in the temple. It's a game of
death, as they called this legend: at every step further the hero gains strenght and reputation.
This is our path when we act in fightworlds!

Watch here:

It's the hero avatar battling his twin inside the simulation of the TEKKEN universe,
a stand off-line virtual reality maybe some of you already came into.
What do you think? You feel the hurt, the speed, the agility, you are IN, at the same
time you are OUT of it.

As evidence of the' fight lifestyle' in virtual world please get this SIMS 3 video: you see the way they feel confortable in their very quite and sweet martial-art behaviors?

But fighting is a matter of domination, and we built a single fightworld for every
kind of domination we know. One meaning of domination is under the future war theme.

Red vs. Blue is a Halo machinima serie maybe the first you ever heard of.
Maybe the first machinima about emotion-driven armored tech soldiers speaking
of themselves while killing each others.

If you live in a fight universe ALL is under the fight code, a challenge may become a dance episode,
see like this one from the world of warcraft:
Silly or not, it's part of the mesh-it culture
of the metaverse people .

So for you what's the very meaning of the fightworlds?
Tell me, if you dare.

Mister Voom


MissDastardly said...

Fighting is pure competition at its finest, a way to test and push your limits, ya know.
Each time you win a single fight you strengthen your self-consciousness in our ephemeral virtual worlds: I won therefore I am!
So you will cry out your victory either to the crowd who's applauding at your bravery, or against the wind which is taking your sweat away!
Hearing your victoriuous yell will mean someone esle tasted your skills and moves and you got his reaction, now he's lying on the ground while you're standing still.
Each time you lost the game you'll swallow a dusty, bloody and bitter lesson looking at your challenger from the bottom while you'll be suffering in pain.
There's a path that lies beneath your steps and it might bring you to the top of Valhalla from the very lowest rank of the ladder.
Well, it will be hard to follow that path, and none will help you to achieve success for free, I won't fool you.
You will feel pain, you'll bleed and cry, but I know that you'll keep on fighting to the top making your glory shine brighter and brighter from round to round, step by step conquering your well-deserved fame.
One day or another they'll fear your very name, they'll shake their bones before you'll get in the ring or raise your blade in the arena!
This is the way you'll fight in Oblivion's Arena or level up in World of Warcraft's realms.
This is the way it goes everywhere!
Fighting requires skill, elegance, accuracy, sharp and quick moves, a good practice, your own unique technique and a serene and competitive mind.
Anyone else might wear the same weapons and armor you're wearing and anyone else might know the same techniques you know but none will combine them the same way you do in your own fighting style!
While you're fighting there is no other way to live rather than fighting!
Make it clear in your mind and don't let any other thought enter your soul!
You won't deserve any victory if you'll be confused by rage or caos!

There was a time when fighting in our worlds meant daily series of one-on-one or one-vs-a-horde fights on your own!
Whether armed or not, ranged or pure melee, you had to run, hit and parry... Or loose!
Nowadays our fighting virtual worlds may offer you two ways to test your abilities.
You can still prove your skills and devices against smart artificial intelligences driving your foes in virtual worlds or you might engage a duel against a human challenger...
This is the point!
No artificial intelligence will ever be as unpredictable and talented as your natural born predator: another human challenger!
So do all the best you can do because none will give you twice the right opportunity to hit and win!
I fought in many dimensions. MMORPGs, RPGs, action-adventures and virtual worlds. In SL I was a demon and a samurai, a gladiator and an Orc, a Forsaken assassin and a gunslinger.
I shot, chopped, slashed, crushed, hit, captured, won and lost... I was a fighter.
I lived.
And I got my glory. Would you like to try to rip it off my very fists?
That's the essence of fighting... You'll never complete your way to the top, beacuse the Promise Land will always be a step beyond. You'll spend your life in trying since everyday you'll face someone else willing to challenge you.

"No time for words
From those with nothing to say
Never letting fate decide

Until the end and back again
Defiant to the last man
’Til there's nothing left
To fight against
No surrender

Unto the corners of the Earth
Defiant to the last breath
Until there's none left standing
No surrender" - In Defiance, VNV Nation

In defiance

MissDastardly said...

Bruce Lee had an epic fight into the Colosseum in Rome against Chuck Norris. Could you ever imagine a better place to let such a battle take place? It was spectacular! That time Bruce won, nevertheless I pity da foo who'll challenge Chuck Norris today! Any ( apparently ) invincible fighter had his own bad day in the past. So the final lesson is: never give up, because if you loose today, you'll still have the opportunity to win tomorrow!

Pier said...

thanks for the great comments MissDastardly!

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