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Utherverse - From Red Light to Live Music?

Utherverse, best known for adult virtual worlds The Redlight Center, RudeVirtual and Virtual-Vancouver has been trying for a couple of years to extend its entertainment value beyond "just sex" to live events such as art auctions and you guessed it, live music.

Speaking to a writer in 2007, Utherverse CEO Brain Shuster explains the dilemma:
"We played around with a variety of ways to bring people into a virtual world, and what we found is they're very interested in going to nightclubs and parties, but without first having the sex we just couldn't keep people around," Shuster said. "By introducing the sex first we built up this enormous community of users and, of course, after 30 minutes of sex, they're looking to have a cigarette and find something else to do. So now we'll give you a concert."

Aren't you wondering who is breaking new ground for the myriads of enthusiasts?

In December, Seth Regan aka Mankind Trace in the virtual world of Second Life was the first to perform "live" in Virtual-Vancouver. From Seth's website:

NEWSFLASH: Seth Regan has begun live performances in Utherverse. His first live UV show was December 19th 2009 at the Virtual Vancouver Amphitheater. Seth is now touring all over UV as MankindTracer.

Since Utherverse has never had live music before, Seth is the first brave soul to pioneer this new phase of Utherverse's growth. Virtual worlds such as Second Life and Utherverse recognize Seth as a rockstar equivalent to real life. Who better to carve the path?

While the Rocking the Metaverse Tour paved the way for extending live music into virtual worlds beyond Second Life, Seth takes another step to shaping the nature of live music.

Seth has established a community for Utherverse residents entitled UtherStuff. There you can follow Seth's music and fans.

Normally I push boldly into new worlds, but the adult scene is not so much my cup of tea. However, if you are adventurous you can join Seth at his next performance on January 31st at Vixen's Vixations for a 15 Ray cover charge. Details can be found at UtherStuff.

If you get the chance to visit please let us know how it was, grab a few tasteful photos and post them on Koinup!

Peace, art and music ~ Grace

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Bill Jameson said...

I have to say, it's so nice to see this article. Being the first live performer in Utherverse has definitely been a challenge for Seth Regan a.k.a. MankindTracer in UV. The main reason is that Utherverse itsels is still in its infancy and with only a few thousand people online at once (due to server limitations), I would say what he has accomplished thus far is nothing short of brilliant. Being the most well known and likely, the most popular performer in Second Life for over three years, Seth (as Mankind Tracer in SL) has reached near superstar status, yet remains grounded.

He is now performing in BOTH virtual worlds and speaking to other VW's about bringing his live solo acoustic rock show to them as well.

What makes Seth Regan so popular? That's probably the easiest question to answer. He's a nice guy.... real, genuine and always interacts with his audiences from all over the globe. He involves people. Most of his shows are audience request drive, so he speaks one on one with the individuals who attend his always packed shows.

Secondly, Seth Regan happens to be a marketing genius. His branding is widely visible in Second Life and gaining a lot of momentum in Utherverse. He has also owned businesses most of his adult life. He treats his music career as such, whether in VW's or in Real Life, has always been his highest priority. His undeniably amazing success is the obvious proof. He is also an amazing graphic designer, always designing his own promotional material.

Third and probably most important. He simply loves performing (and it shows). He plays acoustic rock covers from the 60's through today, always learns new music (many songs by the suggestion of fans DURING his shows) and has even been known to attempt songs he's never played live before. He takes chances and it's that raw emotion that comes with the risk that really exemplifies his true talent. Many, even music critics, have hailed his renditions of well known songs as "better than the original". Of course his OWN original music speaks volumes of the multi-talented, vastly creative mind that drives him. He is a poet, a damn smart writer, amazing lyricist, arranger, producer, guitarist, etc. on almost all of his original material.

Do a search on YouTube for Seth Regan, or even a google search for Mankind Tracer.

Bill Jameson - Seth Regan Mgmt Team said...

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer and his music. It is a social networking website for members of Utherverse. In just a few days after officially launching UtherStuff, over 100 members joined, several groups created, people are hanging out to play over 300 online games, events are being listed and DJ's, Clubs and Utherverse Businesses are advertising on the website. Visit Joining is 100% FREE.

We have been gaining even more momentum and Seth has been getting more notice now from the major labels. Seth is presently unsigned, althought several offers have been presented,

If you represent a record label and have interest in Seth Regan's Music, please email me at

Learn more about Seth Regan at his website or attend his Live one man acoustic shows in Second Life and Utherverse.

Video of Seth Regan on YouTube

Warmest regards,

Bill Jameson
Seth Regan Music
[ bill @ sethregan . com ]

Simon Newstead said...

Nice post Grace, interesting to see it branching out (have to admit I have still yet to try it - the overtly adult focus is a bit of a turn off). Look forward to see the pics after..

Anonymous said...

Mankind Tracer or Seth Regan in Real Life is without question the most rocking and BEST live performer, live musician or whatever you want to call him in ALL of Second Life..... the BEST!!!!

His acoustic covers are amazing... his original music is AMAZING!!!!

You HAVE to go to his shows.... seriously! I've been to MANY MANY MANY live shows in SL and NO ONE can hold a candle to this guy. He's nice... he's kind and he recognizes people even if you DON'T tip... but tip him anyways cuz he deserves it!


Duh-Guitars said...

Sounds like an interesting place. I have never heard of it before is it still successful?
As far as Seth Regan I am interested in learning more about him myself. I am a jazz musician and always love learning about other musicians, sounds like this guy is great. After I post this I will go visit his website. I think we may have some things in common. Nice informative article thank you for posting it.

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