Thursday, February 25, 2010

Media reviews the 3D Wallpaper Art Project

Only a few hours after the launch of the 3D Wallpapers, many bloggers, twitters and media firms started to review, investigate and post about the project! We wanna thanks all of them for great feedback and genuine interest in the project!

First story appeared on the, the italian magazine focused on Second Life and other virtual worldds: e Koinup insieme per 3DWallpapers

Hamlet Au on the New World Note reviewed the project and called readers to submit for the application! Koinup Taking Submissions for Upcoming Virtual Worlds Wallpaper App for Nokia

Soror Nishi in a useful post reviewed both the launch 3D Wallpapers App and the release of Koinup Avatars United App (built by Talia Tokugawa)(info here)

Thanks also to Poid Mahovlich and Hiperia 3D News for reposting the press-release we sent to media

Twitter looked also thrilled about the news. Thanks to the following "twitter sentinels" for helping us to spread the word: GraceMcdunnough, Torley, kzenovka, SlashMorgath, vwestland, RRezoalli

We will announce soon the release date of the app. In the meanwhile, you can browse the submissions (in the avatars category) Koinup members are sending for the Wallpaper Application.


Unknown said...

who obtain's the rights to the artwork? I take it if you agree to post to this you give up all rights to your works? Can someone clarify for me please?

Thank you,
Stephen Venkman

Pier said...

The rights are of the authors of the images. We only ask authorization to use the images in the wallpaper app. In the mobile app, authors will be visible and their name featured.

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