Friday, June 18, 2010

Winners of the "1 Minute Machinima" Contest

We're excited to announce the winners of the "1 Minute Machinima Contest", the video competition powered by Koinup and sponsored by Moviestorm to empower the best machinima talents

According to the jury, made up by Jordi Cardona, author of Hiperia3d News, Poid Mahovlich, machinima expert, Matt Kelland , machinimist and co-founder of Moviestorm, the absolute winner of the "1 Minute Machinima contest" is:

"Virtual Adam's First and Last Birthday" by Lorisrizzo

will receive a one year free subscription to all the Moviestorm Premium Service! Congrats Loris! (The winner is invited to contact us at the address: editor at koinup dot com in order to claim the prize)

Here's Virtual Adam's First and Last Birthday. Enjoy the video!

<a href="">Virtual Adams First and Last ...</a> - a <a href="">Moviestorm Machinima</a> by <a href="">lorisrizzo</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Accordin to Matt Kelland, Virtual Adam's First and Last birthday: "the video was absolutely superb. Sound is good, lighting, filming and editing is good, and the concept, while not entirely original, is well executed, and the writing is really interesting. You find yourself actually caring about Virtual Adam for a few moments, in that you know he's only a character, but he's a person too. I also like that it has subtitles, and isn't just catering for an English-speaking audience"

Along with the 1st winner, the judges decided to pick a couple of other videos for some honorary -well - deserved mentions. The first mention is Nowhere to go by Celestina

<a href="">Nowhere to go</a> - a <a href="">Moviestorm Machinima</a> by <a href="">celestina</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

The second honorary mention is Bigshot by AdricAntfarm

<a href="">Bigshot</a> - a <a href="">Moviestorm Machinima</a> by <a href="">AdricAntfarm</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

There are some many other submissions that deserve a mention. We will feature some of them on the blog during the next days.

Congrats to the winners. Thanks to all the participants. We hope they had fun. Thanks also to the judges for their contribution. See you at the next machinima competition!


lorisrizzo said...

Thanks. It's pleasant and unusual to receive good news on a Monday. It took 2 days each to make my 2 videos, learning how to use the demo of Moviestorm. My impression is that it's easy to use and productive. I hope to make other good machinima using the full version. My new and old works are available at and

Pier said...

Thanks Loris for the comment and congrats on the win!!! awesome machinima!!!

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