Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoy virtual art and photography contests on Koinup

If you love virtual art and virtual worlds, you can't miss the following two competitions active right now on Koinup. The first one is the PaisleyPark Photo Contest. You can get all the info and take part in the competition, by joining this group. Basically, the PaisleyPark Photo Contest is more a series of challenges than a simply contest. In order to be eligible for the competition, you must wear and/or use "something in the Paislay Park Sim, take photos and submit to the group page. Get more info in the contest page or contact Mayte_Flanagan, founder of the initiative.

The other interesting project, you can join while on Koinup, it's the "funny and playful art and avatars" group. Founded by Greenduke aka Mario Gerosa the group's goal is to recruit images and artworks with an "ironic or playful attitude" possibly inspired from pop culture. The winners will be published and featured in the upcoming issue of Metaverse Creativity, a scientific magazine with focus on virtual worlds and virtual creativity. The submissions will be judged by an authoritative panel of judges, made up by Mario Gerosa, italian journalist and writer, Peter Ludlow (Alphaville Herald) and Alpha Auer (Metaverse Creativity)


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