Friday, October 8, 2010

Koinuppers meet Koinuppers: exploring the world together!

Koinup is more than a web community. It's a gateway to meet friends inside the Metaverse and explore the 3D virtual dimension with a new perspective. Then, one of the best way to engage with the Koinup community is by taking part in the various "inworld" initiatives organized by members.

Here some tips to get the most out, these weeks

1. Add to your friends Shoji, the magical photographer. He's running a series of avatar portraits called Koinup buddies and basically, he's looking for Koinupppers to photograph in Second Life. So make up your avatar and knock at the door of mr. Shoji

2. Join the group Koinuppers meet Koinuppers, founded by Baroque and LookatMyBack, two of the most amazing and smart persons active on Koinup. The group features all the photos that show off koinuppers that meet inworld other koinuppers....

3. Antario Denja is running an amazing challenge-group: Koinupping Talents. Each month a new challenge for members. All is about meeting inworld your Koinup friends, making photoshootings, explore new areas all together and come back to the pool and discussion boards of the group, to share ideas, images and art. Join the group now!

Image above by Lillyane Inshane, taken during a Koinup photo challenge


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