Monday, October 4, 2010

Wonderful landscape art by Carlotta Ceawlin

With almost 450 pics in the portfolio gallery and more than 200 comments on her profile, Carlotta Ceawlin is at the top of the "Koinup Hall of Fame of Koinup". She is a PRO landscape artist. Some Carlotta's pictures feature dozens of comments and even more favs and they are frequently retwitted and/or shared on other social network, by other Koinup members and visitors. We love particolary the latest series dedicated to "Autumn reflections". I invite you to have a look at the following enchanting images, open all sizes and leave a well deserved comment on this wonderful artist

Autumn Magic

Autumn Reflections

Sunset Dreamery


Cala said...

Totally agree she is amazing and deserves her position as top of the Koinups ;-)

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