Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Emvee Cuba Storyboard Contest

Koinup and Metaversatility are proud to invite you to take part

in the Emvee Cuba Storyboard Contest!
Have you ever visit Cuba Envee Sim? You should!

Read the Rules and Learn how to win A Connexion Space Navigator 3d Mouse!

This is the first Storyboard Contest! You can submit only storyboards!
Are you wondering what the hell is a Storyboard? How Can I upload one on Koinup?
Well, Look here
and Here!


There other two contests currently running on Koinup: the WildLife Contest

and the Portrait Contest


Solange said...

What a wonderfully done sim, maybe Koinup can hold a party-mob shooting here. Everyone comes in appropriate clothes and makes pictureboards where the sim doesn't seem so sadly empty. Sounds good, doesnt it?

Pier said...

yes, Solange its a cool idea....
let us talk also with the Metaversatility staff......

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