Friday, June 12, 2009

Rocking the Metaverse next show is at Twinity

Rocking the Metaverse is going to bring live music to a new vibrant community. Dizzy Banjo, Grace Mcdunnough, Slim Warrior and DDj Tandino will perform at Twinity, the world that mashes up the real with the virtual world.

Below are the information of the Rocking the Metaverse - Twinity show:
Date: Tuesday, 16 June
Time: 1pm SLT or Pacific Time
Location: Brandenburg Gate in Twinity
World: TWINITY!!!!

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Meanwhile, don't miss the Twinity channel on Koinup, the place where you can find all the contents, people, groups and discussions about Twinity created by the Koinup communities.

is a new exciting virtual world, where you can create your avatar, join groups and create events, dj parties, music shows.

In a single word: express yourself!

Rocking the Metaverse (2)

If you're in Twinity, don't forget to send virtual postcards to your Koinup friends. Setup your Koinup email address (if you're logged go here: and let flood your pics from Twinity to Koinup


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