Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Become a Koinup Pathfinder

Do you think that all Second Life Places have been already discovered? Is that so? Not at all!

Tons of amazing places are waiting for someone who will bring them to light and because of that we are bringing to you the
Koinup Pathfinder Competition

The Koinup Pathfinder competition is a weekly contest hosted on Koinup. Each week we will select a theme and we will ask Koinup members to discover new second life sims related to that theme and post them on Koinup!

The participants which will discover more sims (fitting the theme) will be the winners and they will get some amazing prizes!

Some featured developers are sponsoring the initiative, by supplying their creations as prizes of the event!

Codebastard Redgrave will raffle her new Filter Cam!

Ana Lutetia, the blogger, fashionistas and poser joined the Pathfinder Comp. and will provide winners her **fresh poses**

And other developers will jon the crew.....(stay tuned)

1) We consider eligible for the count only sims not yet published on Koinup!
So check it out if some sims are already available on the Koinup Second Life Places section
2) In order to post sims/slurls on Koinup, you can send a postcard (here how to send a sl postcard on Koinup)
or you can upload a photo related to that place and later add the slurl

Other rules

You can follow all the Pathfinder post on the Koinup Blog, here

Koinup members, photographers and pathfinders are occasionally reviewed by the Koinup partner magazine New World Notes. So, they can get a further visibility by joining the competition!

First Round (update on november, 5, 2008)
Theme of the competition: Halloween. The winners are Liqueur Felix, Ambrose, Natasha-Burke, Kirasha. .read more here

Second Round (update on november, 11, 2008):
Theme of the week is: Naturalistic Sims. Winners of the second competition are: Solange Korobase, Clarrice Cinquetti, read more here

Third Round (update on december, 2, 2008)
Theme of the competition is historical sims. The winners are: VickyJayaram, Evola. Read more here

Forth Round (update on january, 6, 2009)
The theme of the competition is Sci-Fi Sims. The winners are: Liqueur Felix, Poid Mahovlich, Pagura. Read more

The image above "yahoo" is by Shoji


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cool! and a great prize as well :)

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